Our main specialization is the production of beekeeping accessories and equipment for the treatment of beehives.

We are the first manufacturer of evaporators oxalic acid suppression varroa destructor in the Czech Republic. 

Oxalic acid treatment is used a lot in Italy, Poland, Austria and many other surrounding countries. Most of the vaporizers are exported to the USA. The effectiveness according to foreign studies is reported to be about 95%, with no resistance. The mites still die three weeks after application, even though the substance does not get under the mite cells, due to the fact that the mites' suction tract is fouled and they are therefore unable to suck the hemolymph from the bees and starve to death.

Our OXALVAP vaporizer design has become one of the most widely used worldwide since 2013.

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The use of oxalic acid is not yet approved in the Czech Republic, but it is still widely used. We are seeking approval and registration of Oxalic Acid as a registered bee medicine in the Czech Republic.


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